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Industrial Automation

With industrial automation applications, our company offers to our customers the machines that are fast, give particular importance quality production and provide the lowest levels of losses of energy and time. Industrial automation ensures safe, fast and quality production so it gains an important place for the development of enterprises. Managers and personnels can track production stages, working conditions, current outputs and failures or problems on the SCADA (automation computer, touch panel) system and they can intervene in when needed.

With our company’s experiences and professionalism, we give support to our customers according to their willings with our applications that provide tracking and controlling at the following applications and systems.

– Mining Plants
– Petroleum and Gas Products Manufacturing Plants
– Iron, Steel and Products Manufacturing Plants
– Glass and Glass Products Manufacturing Plants
– Plastic and Plastic Products Manufacturing Plants
– Paper and Paper Products Manufacturing Plants
– Food Manufacturing Plants
– Clean and Wastewater Treatment Plants
– Casting Plant
– Pharmaceutical Plants
– Textile Factories
– Project Designing
– DDC, MCC Panel and Panel Manufacturing
– DDC, MCC Panel and Field End Connectors
– Sensor Mounting and End Connectors
– PLC (Programmable Logic Control), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software
– Tracking System’s Alarms, Reporting and Tendency (Flex Time Period) of The Past

– Testing, Commussioning and Giving Essential Training To The Personnels